Meeting the future: what is the metaverse?

Meeting the future: what is the metaverse? The concept of the meta-universe, which emerged in the early 1990s, is a combination of the Greek words "meta", which means "beyond", and "universe", which means "universe" in English. In this state, the word metaverse can be translated into our language as "another universe. In our country, the metaverse is also often referred to as the "virtual universe.

The novel Snow Crash, written by American writer Neal Stephenson, is considered the first use of the word "metaworld." Stevenson gave this name to the virtual environment of his novel, where people are three-dimensional characters called avatars. Stevenson has been criticized in literary circles for his detachment from reality while writing the novel.

Meeting the future: what is the metaverse?

Meeting the future: what is the metaverse?

The concept, born in 1992, is still used today to express a virtual universe in which people can perform numerous actions by creating their own avatars. Interestingly, the author also discusses the most popular concepts today, such as "cryptocurrency" and "blockchain.

metaverse; allows us to experience virtually created environments through devices such as computers, augmented reality devices, smartphones and VR glasses. In these virtual worlds, people can meet their friends and others, play games, attend concerts and similar events. In this sense, we can define the metaworld as a new computing platform that combines Internet 3.0 and blockchain technology.

The use and potential of the meta-universe

The meta-universe, which enters our lives mainly with the world of gaming, occupies a very important place in terms of its impact on the world of blockchain and finance. The meta-universe, which uses cryptocurrencies and immutable assets called NFTs, has also made it possible to form a large economy in a short period of time. With cryptocurrencies, people can purchase many goods and services in a virtual universe in the form of NFTs.

Many people wonder what NFTs are. A common question asked is. NFTs, which can be translated into Turkish as "immutable tokens," are unadulterated cryptocurrencies that guarantee ownership of the asset they represent through blockchain.

This characteristic is the main reason why assets in the meta universe acquire value. For example, users who own a graph in the metaverse can sell the NFT of that asset to other users. Selling metaversions, such as land and real estate, is very popular today. Many users in our country and around the world can buy parcels of land in the metaverse.

Facebook has radically changed its name to Meta

These plots; users can build their dream home in a virtual world, create a business where they can earn virtual currency, etc. offer opportunities. Large companies have also begun to create the world's first virtual stores by buying land through various meta-land platforms. These stores, where users can shop for cryptocurrencies, allow them to use the items they purchase in the metaverse.

With this feature, metaverse, which has created a large market share in a very short time, has even allowed Facebook to make a radical change and change its name to Meta. Meta, which has attracted more interest and resources to this area by acquiring the Oculus brand, maker of virtual reality technology, is among the brands that have invested the most in creating the metaverse.


Finally, the metaverse, which has recently resonated around the world, has already managed to attract a large audience and many large companies. A metaworld that is expected to break many habits and open doors to exciting worlds in the future is a concept that many people have not yet heard of and are not yet familiar with. Let's take a look at this concept, which has great potential.

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