Purpose of an entrepreneurial certificate for businesses?

What is the purpose of an entrepreneurial certificate for businesses?. It is often asked by those who are thinking about taking a step in that direction. Entrepreneur Certificate: This is the certificate that COSGEB issues to participants upon completion of training. Having this certificate is necessary to receive assistance in starting a new business.

Young minds with the idea of starting their own business often ask how to obtain an entrepreneur certificate. The first step is to apply online. You can log in using your e-government account.

What is the purpose of an entrepreneurial certificate for businesses?

Purpose of an entrepreneurial certificate for businesses?

Since the work that can be done with an entrepreneur certificate is very varied, it can be said that an entrepreneur certificate for businesses has many benefits. Upon completion of the training and certification, companies provide some subsidies to entrepreneurs. This amount, known as 50,000 TL, can go up to 150,000 TL.

One of the most current innovations is that a business entrepreneurship certificate can be obtained through applied business training. At this point, entrepreneurs can get the document either online, through e-government, or in a traditional classroom setting.

How do I get a business loan?

One of the most common questions asked by those who have a business idea is how to get a business loan. Applying for a business loan can be subject to certain conditions. Business loans are available to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business in the form of subsidies and credit support under certain conditions.

The purpose of the business loan program is to support entrepreneurship, which is a major factor in solving employment problems. It also succeeds in economic development and supports the creation of successful businesses. There are some subsidies for those who want to be their own boss.

It is helpful to have invoices for all expenses incurred for your business. You can reimburse these business expenses within 2-3 months by submitting them. However, this reimbursement does not include VAT.

Business Credits

After applying for an entrepreneur's certificate, taking business training, and getting certified, the most common problem faced by those who want to start a business is "not having enough capital." There are many types of expenses when starting a business. To cover these costs, many people apply for a business start-up loan.

Entrepreneurs turn to banks that offer business start-up loans, and from there they are able to start and grow a business much more easily by meeting their capital needs. By researching a variety of venture capital loans, you will be able to provide financial support for your project in the most convenient and profitable way possible.

Entrepreneurship loans provided by companies

The certificate of entrepreneurship provided by companies to establish a company is of utmost importance. Establishing a company without a certificate can make a loan ineligible. You can become a partner in a registered company through a risky loan. Even 30% of your stake is enough to qualify for a business loan. What's more, 70% of support goes to women entrepreneurs and 60% to men.


Finally, "traditional business training" and "advanced business training". You can choose the format that works best for you and start your training. After completing the training courses, you can check your certificate again through your e-government account.

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