Types of Business professional sole proprietorship online

There are different structures of Business sole proprietorships in USA, where the relationship between partners is defined by law. According to the Turkish Commercial Code, the types of sole proprietorship are as follows:

A few days after completing all the steps of the application, you will receive a notice stating the date of the vote at your registered office. After the IRS checks, you can get your company TIN by logging back into the Interactive Tax Office.

What types of sole proprietor Business exist?

What are the types of professional sole proprietorship?

General partnership: there is no upper limit to the number of partners in general partnerships established with at least two partners.

In this corporate structure with legal personality, which is only formed by partnerships of individuals, partners have unlimited subsidiary liability to creditors.

In other words, debts that cannot be paid by the partnership become the liability of the partners. It should also be noted that no capital is required to form a partnership.

Limited Partnership: A limited partnership is one legal entity in which the partners have various obligations to creditors.

When the company is incorporated, a written agreement is made whereby one partner has limited and the other has unlimited liability for debts.

  • While unrestricted partners can only be individuals, limited partners can be both individuals and legal entities.

There is also another type of sole proprietorship, the "general partnership", which is regulated not by the Turkish Commercial Code, but by the Turkish Code of Obligations. This company structure, consisting of at least two persons, has no legal personality of its own and does not have a business name. Since the company has no legal personality, the partners are primarily liable to the creditors.

How is a sole business created?

Setting up a sole proprietorship happens quickly, within a few days, after the necessary paperwork and initial costs are paid. To find out what steps to take to create a company, you can contact the tax office or e-government.

The cost of setting up a sole proprietorship varies depending on the amount of payments that need to be made for the following services and documents:

  1. Declaration signed by a notary public,
  2. Legal documents for tax administration agreements,
  3. Fees for company formation and e-book registration services,
  4. Fees paid to the notary for issuing a power of attorney,
  5. if the accountant handles this procedure.

In addition, stamp duty, insurance premium and VAT withholding must be paid monthly after incorporation of the company. In addition, depending on the type of business, the use of cash registers may be required. With ─░┼čbank's point of sale solutions, you can choose the type of point of sale that best suits you and enjoy numerous benefits.

What you need to do to set up a sole proprietorship.

Once you know the costs and requirements for setting up a sole proprietorship, you can proceed to the registration stage by gathering the necessary documents. You can create a company by contacting the tax office at the location of the legal address or online.

Documents required to register as a sole proprietorship with the tax inspectorate

  • A copy of an ID card,
  • 2 passport sized photos,
  • Notarized declaration with signature,
  • 2 residence documents.

If an accountant or financial advisor handles the application process on your behalf, you will need to obtain a notarized power of attorney for accountants. Here are the steps you need to take to start an online business.


Finally, in general, you can go through the process of starting a sole proprietorship at the IRS or online, whichever is faster. You can also open an online bank account to manage your business activities. Merchants/artisans in person Customers. They can also send their instant POS requests,

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