What are the characteristics of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange?

Nasdaq is a stock exchange where all transactions are conducted online, which provides a high level of security. The goal of the Nasdaq exchange is to create a marketplace that brings together technology companies that need to be listed.

One of the keys to Nasdaq's success is the flexibility of its listing requirements. Despite its strict listing criteria, it maintains close relationships with all companies, regardless of size. In addition to the giants, shares of next-generation technology companies are also traded on Nasdaq.

What are Nasdaq Stock Exchange indices?

What are the characteristics of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange?

Nasdaq companies, which include many of the world's largest and best-known companies, include such global giants as Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Netflix, Facebook and Yandex.

Types of Nasdaq indices; the Nasdaq 100 can be thought of as the Nasdaq Composite index and the Nasdaq Biotechnology index.

Nasdaq Composite Index.

The Nasdaq Composite Index is an index consisting of a group of stocks of more than 3,000 companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market.

Since most high-tech companies are listed on the Nasdaq stock market, the performance of the technology sector can often be observed through the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Technology companies make up about 50 percent of the index, consumer services companies about 20 percent, and health care companies about 10 percent. In addition, the index includes companies from the utilities, oil and telecommunications sectors.

Nasdaq 100 Index

The Nasdaq 100 Index includes the 100 largest Nasdaq-listed companies by market capitalization, excluding companies in the financial sector.

The index reflects the performance of the largest publicly traded companies operating in industries such as computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail/wholesale and biotechnology.

Companies in the Nasdaq 100 Index account for more than 90% of the market value of the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Nasdaq Biotechnology Index

The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index is originally part of the Nasdaq Composite Index. It includes biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies whose stocks are traded on the exchange.

The companies in this index are only listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The index includes pharmaceutical companies, allowing more than 100,000 shares a day to be traded.

How do I buy stocks on Nasdaq?

If you want to trade stocks on Nasdaq, you can open an investment account with one of the brokerage firms that offer access to foreign markets.

Many domestic brokerage firms offer access to the Nasdaq markets. You can invest by choosing your own brokerage firm and buying and selling stocks of companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market.

Nasdaq trading hours

To trade Nasdaq stocks, you need to be aware of the time difference with the United States, which is the center of the stock market. Let's take a look at the opening and closing times of the Nasdaq stock market in the United States and Turkey:

  • Nasdaq opening time: U.S. 9:30 a.m., Turkey 4:30 p.m.
  • Nasdaq closing time: U.S. 4:00 p.m., Turkey 11:00 p.m.

Easily track your trades on the Nasdaq!

Thanks to the trading platform offered, you can follow market developments, analysis, company profiles and news throughout the day.

This way, you can make trading decisions in a much healthier and easier way. In addition, You can use the Mobile Stock Exchange app to easily follow the stock market live anywhere, anytime.

What is the Nasdaq Stock Exchange?

Founded in 1971, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange is the second-largest trading exchange in the world. You can trade on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, which is a fully electronic stock market, through an electronic system.

One of the most important features of the Nasdaq stock market is that many technology companies, large and small, from around the world trade on it.


Finally, which country's stock exchange is Nasdaq? Nasdaq is the largest electronic and automated stock exchange in the United States.

Nasdaq stands for "Automated Quotations of the National Association of Securities Dealers." The center of this exchange is New York's Times Square. The current CEO of Nasdaq is Adena Friedman.

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