What can you keep in your digital safe?

What can you keep in your digital safe?. In the age of digitization, our phones, computers and tablets have become places where a lot of data and files are stored. As the years and days go by, more people are added to our data and the number of files to be stored increases day by day.

This is as true for your business as it is for your personal life. Documents, photos or videos can be destroyed even if your computer or phone has suffered minor damage. Perhaps you have already experienced this; perhaps you do not even want to think about the fact that it can happen. Have you taken precautions in this regard?

What can you keep in your digital safe?

What can you keep in your digital safe?

Especially when you change phones or computers, documents can be lost. You can also delete a file that you do not think is important at the moment, due to storage problems, and then need that document in the next process. You no longer have to worry about these problems. You can entrust Digital Safe with anything on your phone or computer that is worthy of attention.

In the Digital Safe you can store vacation photos taken years ago, video of your child's first steps, documents you have carefully kept since the day you started work, passwords to other apps you use, bank and social media accounts, or voice recordings you never want to lose.

You can share as many files as you want

You can also store your most frequently used files in a digital memory. In fact, thanks to Vault's grouping feature by creating folders, you can easily access your files whenever you need them.

There is no need to download the data you want to share from Digital Safe and share it on another platform. In Digital Safe you can turn any document into a link ready to be shared. You can also set policies such as password, time when links will be shared, etc. to increase the security of sharing links from Digital Safe.

How to use the Digital Vault?

Although hard drives are widely used to store data, do you think they are secure enough? One day you may have trouble remembering where you stored the little boxes in which you entrusted everything important in your life, or worse, all your documents could fall into the wrong hands.

These days storing digital documents, photos and videos, audio files and even passwords in a secure environment has become as important as managing money. After years of working to keep your savings safe, İşbank has launched the Digital Vault to store your digital assets.

Complimentary 2 GB mini-box

When you first subscribe to Digital Safe, your subscription starts with a free 2 GB Mini Safe. You can increase the safe's capacity at any time.

In the process you will notice that your computer and phone are much more organized and you can easily access all the documents you are looking for from the Digital Safe.


You can continue your Digital Vault subscription with 3 capacity options. A 25 GB subscription costs 5.99 TL per month, a 100 GB subscription costs 10.99 TL, and a 500 GB subscription costs 20.99 TL. Our customers' monthly payments are deducted from their current İşbank TL accounts, which are determined by them.

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