What is a credit card statement? Finance

The credit card statement is a document that shows all credit card transactions, debt information, and the limit reached with the bank before the cut-off date. The credit card statement is also updated every month when the limit date arrives.

All the information you need to know your credit card limit and spending, to view transactions made in a given period, and to pay off credit card debt is contained in the credit card statement. Therefore, you can determine your financial situation by reviewing and monitoring credit card statements, make payment plans, and plan your spending accordingly.

What does the information on the credit card statement mean?

What is a credit card statement? Finance Online

The credit card statement, also known as the "credit card statement," contains a lot of information. The total amount of debt, known as current debt, is the amount paid, with and without fees, over a period of time. The payment date is the last date given for payment of the relevant amount due.

Each credit card owned by users has a set limit. Credit card charges are also made within this limit. It covers all charges incurred from the date the account is closed until the next date. On the other hand, the balance determines the remaining debt information from the previous report and is carried over to the next period.

Transition to digital reporting

In accordance with the measures taken under the Regulation on Electronic Banking Information Systems and Services of Banks, which came into effect on July 1, 2020, the implementation of the Digital Account Statement has begun. With the Digital Statement app, you can access your credit card statement from our digital channels at any time.

How do you look at credit card statements? What information should be checked when reviewing credit card statements? The answers to these questions are given below.

The benefits of a digital statement

You can help protect the environment by avoiding paper consumption by switching to digital statements.
You can view your digital statement at any time, email it, check it again, and save time on transactions.

When expenses and payments incurred in the period are subtracted from the credit card limit, the resulting amount is called the utilization limit. Finally, the remaining credit card payment information is the total amount of outstanding payments, excluding the amount of payments recorded in arrears for the period.

How do you switch to digital statements?

Through a Maximo Mobile branch or online by following the steps My Cards -> My Card Settings -> Digital Statement Preferences, or through our customer service representatives, who can be contacted through our telephone branch on 0850 724 0 724 by dialing your 9-digit customer number and 6-digit customer password or your card number and card password.


The last payment date is set at least 10 days after the due date. Since late payment interest is charged to debts paid after the due date, this date must be taken into account. The minimum payment amount is the minimum payment amount determined by the credit card limit and the term of the debt. If you do not pay the minimum amount, late payment information will be reported in your credit history.

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