What is digital art? Technology

What is digital art? It is the expression of creativity and imagination through such mediums as music, dance, sculpture, and painting. In a digital world, an artist's use of technological tools to express feelings and thoughts can be called digital art.

Digital art, which is a combination of art and technology, includes all branches of art in which the artist uses technological devices to create his or her works. The artist exhibits his or her imagination and creativity by using computer programs instead of the materials used in traditional methods.

What is digital art? Technology

What is digital art? Technology

The number of artists interested in digital art in our country is increasing day by day. Ozkan Onur is one of the pioneers of digital art in Turkey. Onur, who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1960, worked in a graphic design group in a PC environment in France and later exhibited the works he created during that time.

To create quality digital art, an artist needs equipment such as a computer, a camera, a lighting rig, and some software.

With the advancement of technology, almost everything around us is becoming digital. Today we send mail from a computer, use smartphones to communicate and social media to send photos.

The process of digitizing the world through technology has affected the art world and other fields. The history of digital art, which has been spreading since the 2000s and is considered a unique combination of art and technology, actually goes back to antiquity.

The transformation of technology and art

The main difference between traditional art and digital art is that the space in which it is created is different. For example, in traditional art, the artist uses a canvas to create his or her work. Digital art uses digital tools such as a computer or a camera to create a work.

The concept of digital art covers a wide area. From graphic compositions to reproducing and copying traditional art forms such as photography, sculpture, and painting; many applications, from engineering constructions to projects involving artificial intelligence, can be considered under digital art.

Digital art product

The first digital art product was conceived in 1946 with the first ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) computer developed by American scientists. The data obtained for weapons construction and nuclear calculations were used for aesthetic purposes.

The American Association of Art and Technology Experiments (EAT) was founded in New York in 1966 to encourage artists to work in collaboration with technologically savvy scientists.

In the early 1950s, American artist and mathematician Ben Laposky was one of the pioneers of digital art, creating electronic images from waveforms. Today, however, we are dealing with a much more digital concept.


Finally, American graphic artist and animator Joseph Winkelman, also known as Beeple, has made a name for himself in the field of digital art with his pop culture characters with political and social commentary.

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